Our Mission


DAWNS (Directly Assisting Women Newly Sober)

 DAWNS House Mission:  DAWNS House provides support to displaced women who are recovering from addiction and alcoholism through structured, guided, sober transitional housing. DAWNS House operates two homes in Bend with 15 beds. It is one of only two public sober living facilities for women in Central Oregon. The mission of DAWNS House is to provide a safe and compassionate living option for newly sober women seeking long-term recovery. DAWNS House helps to break the chain of addiction and alcoholism, promotes personal and community responsibility, and gives women in the program an opportunity to live productive and fulfilling lives.    



  Program Objectives 1.Provide stabilization by focusing on physical, mental and emotional well-being through in house-programs and community resources 2. Personally guide, support and encourage participants through mentor-ship and monthly wellness/goal setting meetings. 3.  Assess each participant’s situation and create a strong living recovery plan for each woman  4.  Build new habitual patterns of living 5. Enhance education and employment opportunities and help secure job placement 6. Instill confidence, courage and respect for self and others 7. Enrich social skills through communal living 8.  Build on personal attributes, talents, and strengths.  



  Keys to Success The keys to success at DAWNS House are compassion, organization, and structure. Through adherence to concrete house rules, participants gain a sense of consistency, accountability, and respect, which are important components of sober, peaceful, happy living.    DAWNS House – Success of  Service From May 2015 to April 2019, 175 plus women seeking recovery were admitted to DAWNS House and given safety and shelter.  - 97 are/were mothers working to reunite with their children - 100% were homeless, unemployed, and /or at or below poverty level when entering the home; 88% acquired employment within 30 days of residing at DAWNS House - 66% successfully transitioned out of the home and remain sober and out of the criminal justice system; 15 are current residents and participating in the program  - 108 volunteer and give back to Central Oregon - DAWNS House has helped promote self-sufficiency and personal advancement through assistance in acquiring driver’s licenses, opening bank accounts, and furthering education through GED programs or enrollment in Central Oregon Community College - DAWNS House has helped participants develop a sense of self and community through personalized programs, house meetings and in-house activities such as nutrition workshops, yoga classes, motivational speakers, group 12-step meetings, meditation, game/movie nights communal dinners/BBQs, self-care days, and exercise/morning walks.