Cow Creek Umpqua

Thank you Cow Creek for being the first foundation to partner with our cause, you set the ball rolling for all future endeavors. Much appreciation for the reward in the 2016 and 2017 grant cycles


A big thank you to COAR for supporting operations in the 2016 donation cycle......just in time for Christmas!

OCF (Oregon Community Foundation)

OCF has encouraged and supported DAWNS House since our opening, we are honored to be community partners with you. Thank you for your grant in the 2017 cycle.

Bend Greater Rotary Club

Greater Rotary of Bend: we are so grateful to be a participant in the Duck Race this year. Your support in general has been invaluable. 

WestSide Church

A Huge thank you to the design team at Westside church for graciously coming in and doing much needed room make-overs

Pacific Source

Much appreciation to Pacific Source for coming through on immediate needs funding to assists in the opening o our second home